LSM Fault Annunciator

LSM Fault Annunciator


The devices from the SSM-family, are simple, very compact fault annunciator units for switchboard panel mounting.
The devices are available as fault annunciator with 8 or respectively 16 inputs, or as combined operation / fault
annunciator (LSM-8/8-C1) with 8 alarm inputs- and 8 operation indication inputs. Operation indication inputs are only
realised by status indicaton with steady light and are not stored either included in triggering collective report or horn.

The fault annunciators provide LED displays with wide reading angle, buttons for lamp test, horn acknowledgement
and lamp acknowledgement, as well as one or two collective report relays and a horn relay. For LSM/SSM-C types both
the collective report contacts, as well as the horn relay are designed as change-over contacts. For SSM-A and SSM-R,
the horn relay is a normally open contact. For all annunciators of the seies SSM switches for external acknowledgement
of lamps and horn can be connected to the both functional inputs. The signal voltage can reach up to 250 V AC/DC
depending on the respective variant. All inputs are electrically isolated and can be driven phase arbitrary.

The wiring is done by pluggable terminals. The description of the LED’s can be done by slide-in labelling strips.

By connecting the external relay module RM 16, each alarm can be lead to e.g. a front-end computer. This module is
connected to the basic device SSM 16-R by a flat ribbon cable and can be mounted on DIN rail. Each relay contact is
wired to a terminal and factory set with a normally open function.

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