iMC 784 Advanced Power

iMC 784 Advanced Power


Power Quality Analyser - iMC784 is a perfect solution for permanent Power Quality monitoring. Its purpose of use is:

• This Class A certified PQ meter is intended for permanent Power Quality monitoring and detailed event analysis on all voltage levels
• Its advanced operation is usefull for network specialists to help finding problems in a network, forecasts potential problems and for future network planning
• Up-to-date communication support and standard data formats enable fast integration into network or industry management systems

In EU countries it is mandatory for utility companies to regularly report about Power Quality. Industry is also highly dependent on good Power Quality and therefore also interested in such monitoring. For that reason Power Quality monitoring has been standardised. Proper methodes are defined with IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 standard and sub-standards for harmonic analysis and flickers.

Free software tool Miqen included. Miqen is a user –friendly toll for complete monitoring of the measuring instruments.

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